Some emails we have received:



Thanks so much for organizing the 53rd reunion.  All of you did a great job!!

Good to see everyone.


Terry Sumner


Good morning Peter ……….. hopefully you and your wife had a safe journey home.


We looked for you when we were leaving but you’d already gone to your room……………..we did however talk to Dorothy and your wife.  We just wanted to thank you and all the committee for your hard work, it’s greatly appreciated.  It was a wonderful day and a great turn out. So nice to see former students and their significant others.  It was obvious everyone was enjoying themselves and that’s so nice.  We had some come back to our house after and then they stayed for dinner so that too was a nice relaxing ending to a great day.


Your niece Krista played ball as did our daughter so we all know each other, still bump into her at the rink upon occasion, but unbeknownst to us Dorothy and Gottfried  are across the alley behind our son and they do chat.  We knew they lived on Whitchurch and Stephen is on Drayton, but it never dawned on us that they were that close………small world.


Anyway we just wanted to express our appreciation for EVERYTHING…………it was just great.


Hope you have a wonderful summer.


Thanks again

Jim & Arleen Gillett

Thanks for the post and photo, Brenda. Sorry to have missed the occasion. Bob and I were also reminiscing,however, as we were celebrating Peggy Clay's mother's 100th birthday!
Best to you all.... Barb Stirskey (Watson)

Today, we spent a great afternoon renewing old acquaintances reminiscing about different events and experiences during our time together at NVHS as well as Sutherland, Ridgeway and Keith Lynn Elementary. Yes, some of us had been in school together since Grade 1 – Amazing!! Thanks very much to Pete Pollhammer and his committee for all their hard work organizing this great gathering!! Hopefully, this won't be our last NVHS reunion!! Have a safe trip home everyone! Brenda (Newman) Skinner


So great to renew friendships and loved going over the old school photos of elementary school at Ridgeway and Sutherland.
Thanks for arranging this and to everyone who came.
  Melynda Okulitch
Great photos of fine looking people. Name tags were helpful. Sorry to have missed it.
Warm regards to all, and a big thank you to Peter Pollhammer & crew for organizing it, from Harold Yeo in San Luis Obispo, California.
Congrats to those that gathered and those guys I recall -- Angus G., Bill M., Larry S., Bob S., Jim C. and, we're 70. Bob McDonald


Hi Pete,

As requested, I’m attaching the original of the class photo my husband, Brian, took yesterday.

I was so glad to see such a great turnout and, I must say, not a bad looking group of 70 year olds, even if I do say so myself!!!

Thanks again for organizing everything!. The setting, the food, the old photos etc were wonderful.   A lot of work, but very rewarding when you see all those smiling faces and hear all those vocal expressions when two old friends meet once again!!

Take care,

************************************************************************regrets received before our 53rd re-union

From Shirley Lesch (nee Timm)

Hi Everyone,

I would love to come to this re-union, but my son is getting married that day.

Please keep me in the loop related to any future get-togethers.


Shirley Lesch (nee Timm)

From Herman Van de Kerkhof.

 I have to inform you that although I very much would like to attend I will not be able to do so.

Janet, my wife of 51 years, is fighting breast Cancer and is about to start a year of Chemotherapy.  

I will be by her side 24 / 7 .



From Sherry Agar (March)

Hi.  I would love to attend, but it is my grand daughters high school grad that weekend.  Have fun!  Sherry.


From Tom Oakley
I won't be able to attend the reunion as I will be visiting family in Montreal. I hope all goes well.


Please note my new email address.

From Penny Carver (Stacey)
I am so sorry not to be able to attend, Peter.  My Winnipeg son will be visiting.  All the best.  Have a great reunion.



From Carolynne  (mcLellan) Groves


Sorry I will not be able to make the reunion because of previous

arrangement to meet my sister in Ireland.

Love to see the pictures of those who attend if you are posting them after the event. Thanks to you and committee who did all the work involved in planning such an event

Yours Carolynne  (mcLellan) Groves


From Dave Wallace
sorry, not be attending.

Dave Wallace


From Carol Tyrell (Mead)

Hi to all!

Carol Tyrrell nee Mead here - I had hoped very much to make the reunion but I have just found out that my knee replacement surgery,  (for which I have been waiting since early Dec 2014) will be the end of June, these necessities of older age seem to get in the way of FUN!

My husband, John, and I have just finished 5 years in Cyprus (small island south or Turkey) where he served as Dean of the Anglican cathedral there.  Before that we did work in Spain and Germany, Iqaluit and Yukon.

I am now retired from nursing and John is doing half time work in Barrhead Alberta, near Edmonton.  My sister, son and grandchildren all live in the area.

Life is good!

Love to you all,


PS. Peter, keep the registration fee as a donation.

Carol Tyrrell RN (retired) (NU) BSN

From Barb Stirskey (Watson)
Regrets and good wishes for everyone to enjoy the 53rd reunion. Bob and I have another important celebration to attend that day.

Barb Stirskey (Watson)

From Skip Whitfield
Again I reply advising that with great regrets, my wife has shattered a vertebra and is bed ridden for the next two to three months and I will be unable to attend ...

Hi Pete

I just went through the 2010 NVHS Reunion website.  It sure looked like everybody had a good time back in ’07 at the Seymour Golf club.
It is wonderful that you have kept this up over the years, and I am afraid I have only attended one of them back in about ’77 (15 year anniversary maybe?).
It was held at that hotel on Marine Drive near Capilano Road.

I read the emails you received from all over the world and posted on the website.
So good to know most people have had some success and find themselves in a good place after all this time.
Some peoples’ view of success will be different than others, I guess. 

I had a great difficulty in putting names to faces on those great pictures taken by you and Gottfried (son? correction brother).
It struck me that if they had used a black pen to write their names on their tags, it might have been easier.
I am going to do my best to see you in Kelowna in 2012, and I will bring a black sharpie.  I will also bring a camera so that you can be in more than one picture. 

Do you have a way for me to contact Terry Macdonald and Colin Atkinson?
We were best of friends way back, and I have completely lost touch with them.
I see that Colin had written an email because he could not attend the 2010 celebration….he was on his way to Italy to play soccer.
Then I saw Terry standing at the back of the group photo at this summer’s reunion. 

I am a very contented individual with a grand family (4 kids, 5 grandkids) and still work hard on the farm every day.
There will be no retirement for me, but that’s the way I like it.
I will tell you all about it over a couple of beers one day. 

If you care to, pass my email along to whoever might like to get in touch, and I will see you in Kelowna (that’s home for you?) in 2012 for sure.
We will be biking through Kelowna next July on a BC tour with my wife’s brother and his wife.
Maybe our schedules will coincide on an afternoon.  

Darrell and Amy Stokes

Peter – nice to see you’re still around. I have reviewed the mail and pages from the NVHS ’62 Web Site and thought I should say HI !
I am active on facebook – email:

SO ….for what it’s worth:
Hi All from Don Tracey! Remember me? That snot nose kid from Toronto? Former boyfriend of Carol Worobey? Art Student of Mrs. Watson?
Well, I'm still kickin' , in spite of 25 years with a bum ticker (I eventually had quintuple bypass surgery in year 2000 while living in Florida).
After my last day in NVSS I hightailed it back to the REAL city - Toronto! What a dumbass move that was. After 3 weeks I hated it there, but
stuck it out until Christmas when the pull of North Van was too heavy - and I returned. With an 'adjusted attitude' !
Since my sister and her husband were in Hairdressing, I decided to get  my Hairdressing License and start my ‘career’ – meeting a ton of beautiful women.
Problem was - I had met my future wife in hairdressing school, and soon realized there wasn't room for 2 hairdressers under one roof. So this married man
returned to school for several years, this time to study Corporate Accounting and the new field of Computer Programming.
I have been successful in that field for 45 years, and the last 25 as a Computer Consultant - designing systems and writing programs.
My leisure time was spent at the Vancouver Water Ski Club in summer, and winter in my cabin at the top of Grouse - skiing with the Tyee Club.
I have also been a motorcyclist since my first ride at age 15 - and currently tour on a Victory Vision.
My marriage to Gail lasted 44 years, but for the last 15 years of her life, she suffered from Guillian-Barre Syndrome - a horrible painful condition
that eventually led to her death a few years back - we had our 44th anniversary in Lions Gate Hospital a week before her death.
But before passing away, she gave me one more miracle.
Gail's illness, and the Florida economy after 9/11 brought us back to the North Shore in 2002. We had met Yukiyo, a very sweet Japanese girl in her
late 30's, about a year before Gail's death. We wanted to hire her as a live-in caregiver for Gail, so she returned to Tokyo to work in a
care facility to get one year of experience needed to come to Canada.

Gail phoned her from the hospital a few days before her death, and told her to "get on a plane to Vancouver - NOW !!! - To look after Don !!! "
Yukiyo arrived a month after, and since we were living together - we became close. VERY close - and 6 months later, my daughter Jaymie was her
Maid of Honor when we married. I had been given a second chance at life! And love!
Yuki and I live in West Vancouver and still love the North Shore! We hope to see some of you in 2012 for the 50th!
Don & Yukiyo Tracey

Received 27Jul/10 from Carol (Osmond) Kilner
Have just learned another 1962 Grad member has passed away.  Ralph Gunther Baumbach died of stomach cancer April 9, 2008 in San Antonio, Texas  where he had been retired from the US Army.   Please add his name to the Memorial List.  (The information comes from his brother, Fred Baumbach, also a 1962 Grad.)

Received Oct 1/07 from Bill Mitchell

Hi Pete, ran into Bill Gooding and he would like to be added for futures.  His emails are: or
He splits his time between Lima and North Van.  Thanks,  Bill

Received Oct 1 from Mike Jorden

Thanks for this listing.  For your records, my name is spelled Jorden and I am now in Osoyoos so phone # has been changed to 250.495.8184.  How are things at Sunset Ranch?  Was by Kelowna last week on way back from Banff.  I missed the reunion although fully intending to go.  That week my wife was admitted to Royal Columbian needing urgent surgery for a valve replacement.  Although fit and otherwise healthy, she turned out to have a congenital problem that took 60 years to crop up.  The surgery was successful and she is completely recovered which is why we were climbing an Alp last week.

 Cheers and I hope we continue to keep in touch.

 Mike Jorden

Received Oct 1 from Jim Sotvedt

Thanks for the message. I've had a look at the site and it looks as if you had a lot of fun. Sorry I couldn't make it. Maybe next time (he said optimistically). With both my parents and my only brother deceased I don't really have much incentive to visit Vancouver any more - we're living in the Annapolis Valley  in Nova Scotia. I saw Marv Norden off and on for the past few years - we're both duplicate bridge players - but he has moved back to BC - Oosoyoos I think.
Yes I knew about Phil. He visited us in when we were in Dallas. Unfortunately the last few times we spoke he was in pretty bad shape.
Hope all is well with you.

Received Jun 18 via Classmates from JimWarwick
Hi Peter, i just renewed my membership today and find i have missed another reunion. Damn. i hope it went well for everyone and i am not too old for the next one.

Received Jun 5

Dear Peter and classmates:
      I am so sorry I couldn't be there for the 45th re union.  Penny Davey has filled me in on the evening.  The pictures are wonderful.  Great fun to try and figure out who's who.  Can't wait to get together with Penny so she can put the names to the faces for me.  I would like a list of email addresses if that's possible, there are many people I would love to get in touch with. 
    For the past 5 years I have been living between Christchurch, NZ and White Rock - it works very well for us as we "don't do winter".  My husband is a New Zealander, retired, with family in NZ.  I am a grand mother to my husbands teenaged grand daughters, which is great fun, and am still waiting for my son and daughter to find their soul mates and settle down.  Daughter Sara is returning to studies at Bastyr University in US to complete her food sciences degree, and son Scot, who has been working in the LA area for the past 6 years is moving to Auckland, NZ, having been offered a very good position with a landscape architecture firm there.  It will be nice to have him closer to visit.
    Life has been very good, we love to travel and have made many new friends along the way.  We both enjoy the outdoors, trekking and cycling.  I'm a golf nut and Vin loves tennis.  After many years of volunteering and working for the Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary Society as Administrator for 8 years, I am enjoying retirement. 
    We are here until Sept 30th and I look forward to reading your emails via this web site.
Carol Procter  (Worobey)

Receive on May 28

Hi Peter
What a fantastic evening!!  You and your committee did a wonderful job organizing this event and I'm sure I speak for all of us when we say a heartfelt "Thank You"!!
I so much enjoyed seeing all the classmates and taking the trip down memory lane together.  I think as we get older, we realize with greater clarity how wonderful our school years actually were!  Now I'm looking forward to our 50th!!!!
I liked Sharone Elizabeth (McDonald)'s idea of having our classmates give their life stories and photos for everyone to share.   How do I access the e-mail addresses that she mentions?
Take care and keep in touch,
Elizabeth Booth (nee Liz Metzner) 


Peter, although I didn't graduate in 1962 with my classmates ... kinda went sailing for 28 years many of the names were very familiar.  One in particular Peter Triance ... I was surprised to see his face and recognize it immediately.  If possible could you pass on either mine email address to him or his to me.  Thanks a million M. F. (Skip) Whitfield.

P.S.  Please keep me in the loop for the next on in 2012 ...

Skip (Whitfield)

Hi Peter,

Just a quick word to say Thank You for having organized the 45th reunion. It was a pleasure to get together with old friends and classmates in a nice
location. Well done !

Will you keep your website open in case we have a photo or two to send ?


Received on may 23

Dear Peter:  The '62 North Van High Reunion was perfect!    I really appreciate your work and the contribution of the committee----what a delight to see my classmates after 45 years in the frame of the Seymour Country Club with a delicious buffet----I wish I could have heard Dave Wiseman over the mike----we couldn't hear his story---I am sure it was very interesting but  I only heard "bits and pieces"  May I have your address to send  personal thanks to you & your committee for organizing the "grand event"---  much appreciated --Sharon Mc Donald (Sharone Elizabeth)  p.s. as you have everyones emails perhaps you could ask for photos and life stories of  members of the "62 class over the email---I was only able to find the # of children and grand-children and what each person did for a "living" and I am sure there was much more, so much more

Sharone Elizabeth (McDonald)

Received on May 21

Greetings All,
My sincere thanks to those '62 Grads who so skillfully organized the classy reunion at Mt. Seymour Golf Course!
A special thanks to Dorothy, Pete, and Marilyn for their part in the organization...much appreciated. (I'm sure there are more of you, but these are the ones of whom I am sure!) (Dan London)
Bob and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The buffet was scrumptious, the ambience relaxing, and the  conversations retrieved many happy memories.  The only person that I keep an intermittent contact with over the years is Sandra Melton (Mellish), so it was fun to reconnect with people such as Marilyn Garriock, Diane Majer,  Barb Carlsen, Penny Davey, Shirley McDonald, Melynda Smith, Sherry March, Sharone McDonald, Marg Burns, Liz Metzner, Virginia Obalek, Norah Johstone, Sandra Dyer, Bill Lightfoot, Leagh Martell, Bob Wilson, Bob Evernden, Bill Mitchell, Tom Oakley, Peter Fraser, John Dear, Dave Wiseman, Angus Gillard (who discovered that we were in Grade 1 together at Keith Lynn!), Ross Bock, Dave Wiseman, Doug Hargrove, David Shirley, and Doug Hargrove.  I even visited with a neighbourhood friend, Diane Gardiner, from Grade 3! It certainly was a walk down memory lane.  I particularly enjoyed the gales of laughter from a few people when they found out that I teach math to adult learners at UCFV (they must have been in my math classes, I guess....or maybe they were one of my tutors!) Regardless, I was an early bloomer in some respects, but a late bloomer when it comes to math!! :-)
To those of you whom I missed a chance to talk with, we will catch up at the 50th!
Barb Watson (Stirskey)

Received on May 20

“Great” evening!!!

Just a note to thank you, Peter and all your committee for putting this together, we really enjoyed ourselves.  It was great to see so many people.

Jim & Arleen Gillett

Received May 18


Thank you for keeping me in the loop of the '62 grads and for all your  hard work in putting this together. Unfortunately, I cannot make the
reunion as I am off to Italy on the 19th. I am going with my soccer club to play (yes play) some "friendlies" with, I hope, an age
appropriate group. I am into my fifth year of retirement from school administration. I highly recommend retirement as I am thoroughly
enjoying golfing, curling, playing soccer and baby sitting my three grandchildren (with two more on the way).

Once again thank you to you and your committee and I hope everyone has
a good time

Colin Atkinson

Dear Dorothy  (copied from a letter send on 23Mar07)

      Hi! Thank you for the letter regarding our high school re-union on 19 May/2007. I am not able to attend this event as I will be doing a 900km hike through France and Spain. I will be leaving Vancouver on 12May to begin “El Camino de Santiago” and I ‘m sure it will be quite a challenge! I’m going with three of my hiking friends, and we plan to do 25-30 km/day. We’ll hike over the Pyrenees Mountains from France and into Spain. We will be staying in “Alberques” (hostels). There is no pre-booking the rooms but priority is given to the hikers who are doing this pilgrimage. I have taken a night school class for conversational Spanish and will be carrying an “Ingles – Espanol Diccionario”

     I retired from Nursing in November/2005 after forty years. I truly enjoyed my profession and had many wonderful experiences. I now do voluntary Palliative Care for people who wish to remain in their own home rather than being hospitalized.

     I was very active in the B.C. Nurses’ Unions throughout my career. I now belong to C.O.S.C.O. (Council of Senior Citizens’ Organization of B.C.). I am the treasurer of our Sunshine Coast Branch, which continues to fight for the rights of Seniors, especially the Medicare issues!

     I hope everything is going well with you and all our classmates. I wish everybody a very successful re-union! I’ll be thinking about it on 19 May!

            Annabelle Dick (MacKenzie)

From Peter Beaudoin 7May07

I am sorry to say that I will not be able to attend the reunion.  I am still working and work has intervened again on my best laid plans, ie., attending the party.  Please tear-up, burn, or shred the $164 cheque that was sent as the price of admission for myself and my wife Vickie.

 I can’t really complain about working; I was laid off from Placer Dome Inc. in 2000, along with about 200 other people, after working for them in various capacities for 32 years.  I have experienced long stretches of doing nothing more than exactly what I wanted to do (actually whatever was on the SO’s job list) and found it quite appealing, from a relaxation point of view.  The one big hangup with being retired is that there really isn’t enough money in it to be able to do the things you really want to do.  I’m sure that there are many of us 62’ers that don’t have this problem, but I am not one of them. 

 With the rise in metal prices over the last several years and the resurgence in mining activity it was not difficult to join the ranks of employed mining engineers once again.  I have been working since early 2004 on a contract basis and enjoying every minute of it.  As mining companies often do, they explore for and try to develop mining opportunities world wide and my present employer is no exception.  Hence the reason for by absence.  On May 19 I will be in China on business.

 Have a great get-together!!  A toast to you all from the Orient!

From Sharone McDonald (Elizabteh) 19Apr07

Hi Peter: appreciate your efforts in organizing reunion------I travel in business but will see if I can arrange schedule to come-so I will register near May 10 cheers Sharone McDONALD (ELIZABETH)

From Bob Steel (09Apr/07)

I'm retired (sort of!).   I officially retired a couple of years ago ...... but was asked to come back on a consulting/parttime basis.
The island is great .... we're 5 min from the ferry, 5 min from the airport, 5 min from sidney and most important 5 min from the marina!!!
Looking forward to catching up with you at the reunion!

Bob Steel

From Judy Lloyd (Hunter)(07Apr07)

Thanks for putting the reunion together Pete but unfortunately we will be unable to attend.  Al is waiting for a surgery date to have a hernia fixed and as his appoximate date is May 15th we dare not make any plans.  We are still living in the semi frozen north (31 years this year-the years go by so fast).  He is still logging and still loving it so who knows when he will retire.  I have been retired since 2003 and am not missing working at all.  Too busy being a grandma and doing volunteer work for the Canadian Cancer Society (I am a cancer survivor) to ever wake up wishing I was going to work.  Our 3 kids are all doing well.  The two boys are working in the Tar Sands.  Gord and his family live in Prince George, Bill and his family in Westbank and Debbie and her family in Kelowna where she is a chartered accountant.  Guess I should quit calling them kids now as the youngest is 36 this year.
Again we are really sorry to be unable to attend.  Hello to everyone for us.  Our email is should anyone like to get in touch.
Judy Hunter (Lloyd)  

From Dean
McConnell (30Mar07)

Thanks for the update Peter. I am looking forward to seeing you as well. I knew there was a good reason I hadn't seen an update for a while.
I retired in late '99 and have been enjoying every minute of it!! My wife and I like cycle touring so we have done a number of long distance bike
tours and have a 6 week one planned for this summer in Europe. As well we take table tennis lessons and have competed in the Senior Games. My son is
doing a complete reno of his small house stripping it down to the studs and rewiring etc. and it seems that I am a bit of a handyman so I help out with
wiring, plumbing, drywall and whatever and my wife is the painter. Seems like lots of fun when I don't have to live in the mess!!
With the better weather in Kelowna you must be doing lots of running and cycling. Any more marathons or is that for days gone by?
Lots to catch up on. See you soon


From Mike Jordan: (15Mar07)

Dear Peter,

 I made it to the ’86 reunion but have somehow slipped off the mailing list since.  Good for you for keeping the functions going!  Elizabeth Booth [Metzner] contacted me and I hope you will keep me in the loop. 

 My wife Susan and I are moving March 31 to a new home we are building near Osoyoos.  We have horses, dogs, cats and coyotes galore so it will be chaotic for a few months.  I am not sure if we can get back for the reunion but will look at our schedule once we are established.

 I have spent most of the last forty years as a professional planning consultant in the lower mainland and have found a niche doing large scale master planned communities – usually with golf, the playing of which I dislike intensely.  Gallacher's Canyon in your area is one of mine along with Morgan Creek, the Northlands neighbourhood plan [for the District of North Van] and Crown Isle in Courtenay.  You may remember I was a painter and a horse nut and still do both, although for a dozen years we sailed out of North and West Vancouver marinas.  I can’t afford to do both boats and horses so have gone back to my first love.

 I was saddened to hear of the passing of my old friend Phil Stansfeld and of course our other classmates. [I secretly had a crush on Judy King all through Junior High but was too shy to do anything about it].  Phil and I used to build log forts in the woods near his home off Williams, I think it was.

 Anyway, all the best and I hope to see you at the reunion.


 Mike Jorden

From Pat Hacket  (Brennan) (22Feb07 via

Thanks for the info on the reunion.  Our daughter and her boyfriend will be visiting us from Ireland at that time.  Sorry we have a full schedule for the 3 weeks they are here and we won't be able to attend the reunion.  Hard to believe that it is 45 years!
Have fun!

Pat Brennan (Hackett)

From Roy Nygaard (received 19Feb07)

As I am now living in Wylie TX (near Dallas)  I will not be able to attend.  My wife, Cheryl, and I moved there 6 years ago as she got a great job opportunity.  Say hi to my classmates for me.

Roy Nygaard

From Brian Talbot (04Feb07)

Brian Talbot here, from Australia. It's hard to believe that 45 years have passed since the class of '62 graduated. Obviously, everyone has their own
story to tell about what's happened in those intervening years. Unfortunately my wife Carmel and I will not be able to attend the reunion
due to financial constraints. The main reason I rang, Dorothy, was because I saw your address on Whitchurch St on Rich Henderson's letter. As I said,
there was a significant part of my growing up years spent at 885 which used to be a log house that my Dad built. Apparently it was dismantled and
reassembled somewhere else a while back. I went to Keith Lynn Elementary and Sutherland J H before N V H. School wasn't exactly my favourite time of
life, with all the teasing, bullying and peer nonsense. It's a wonder so many reasonably sane people emerge from such a system. Neverthe-less, it
was all part of growing up.

A bit of history. Not long after school finished in '62, Roy Nygaard and I signed on a merchant ship (Roy did all the talking), hoping to get to Norway
and see some of his relatives. There were no guarantees this would happen, but we didn't care. We worked on the ship for 6 months, sailing around
eastern Asia and up to the Suez Canal, but instead of Norway, we ended up in Australia, where we decided to sign off the ship and stay for a while. We
took a train to Brisbane where we rented a small flat and went to work.

Not long after, Roy met a girl and fell in love. He ended up marrying her 4 years later. I was very homesick, and after 5 months, signed on a small
freighter and worked my way back to Canada, via New York, arriving in Vancouver in October '63 . My parents had moved from North Van to Cortes
Island, between Campbell and Powell Rivers, so I joined them there, completing my university entrance qualifications by doing Math and Physics
91 by correspondence. I helped my Dad build a house before going into the logging industry to earn some money to pay for uni. Started at UBC in '65
and finished in '66, due to immaturity and lack of interest. Moved back to North Van and got a job. In early '67 Roy returned from Australia with his
wife, Bev.

Roy had been doing geological drafting in Australia and soon landed a job with a Mining Engineer & Geologist consulting firm at 14th St & Lonsdale in
North Van. Eventually he called me to come and join him in the drafting office. Having no previous experience, but only a gift of drawing and
lettering skills, that began my 26 year drafting career.

In December of '67, two charming ladies, Carmel and Mary, arrived from Australia on the Oriana, planning to have a 12 month working holiday in
Canada. They were staying with Roy and Bev because Mary had worked with Bev in a Brisbane bank. Naturally, the match-making began to get me hooked
up with one of these girls. I think Roy was jealous of me still being single. Anyway, Carmel and I started dating in the summer of '68. Her cousin Mary
returned to Australia in December, but Carmel stayed and we were married in Vancouver in May '69. She showed great courage, marrying a foreigner in a
foreign country with none of her family there. Payback was not far off.

In Oct '70 we packed up and headed for the land down under, where I was then the odd one out. Her family is just wonderful and they accepted me straight
away, trusting Carmel's judgement. In Jun '71 the geophysical exploration company I worked for, shut down. Homesick-ness making me irrational, we
packed up and returned to Canada, much to Carm's family's sorrow, because she was pregnant with our first daughter. When we arrived back, I knew it
was a mistake. We lived in an apartment on W 5th St, North Van and when the baby was due, we moved to a duplex on E 5th. Our daughter was born the
next day, Feb 28 '72 in Lionsgate Hospital. On Dec 23 '73 our second daughter arrived. We had been pondering a return to Australia for a while and on Jan
18 '74 we made the move back to Brisbane. We have lived in the same house in the suburb of Mt Gravatt (emphasis on the last syllable) for the last 33
years. Back in Sept 1 '82 our 3rd and final daughter was born. Even though my wife and no. 3 girl were born here, we're all Aussies now. No regrets
except the distance from family. My two sisters still live in B C.

The most significant thing that has happened in my life, bar none, was becoming a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ back in 1980. He came so that
we may have life and have it to the full. Whoever has the Son of God has life; whoever does not have the Son does not have life. Amazing grace!

A guy could yack on indefinitely, but must realize that it could put people to sleep. Thank you for contacting me in regard to the reunion. I'm sure
you'll all have a great time catching up with old acquaintances. Please give my regards to Lorne and Norah Nicholson, Dave McFie and anyone else who
comes to the bash. '62 was a very good year.

Roy Nygaard and his wife Cheryl live in a suburb of Dallas at 200 W A Allen Blvd, Wylie, Texas 75908.

Best wishes from Brian & Carmel Talbot

From Elizabeth Booth (Metzner) (01Dec06)

Thanks for the e-mail.  YES, I will certainly be attending the 45th reunion and I will put my thinking cap on to see who else I can round up.  I am trying to track down Michael Jordan but he's the only one that comes to mind.
Take care, Elizabeth 


From Melynda Okulitch (Smith) (03Dec06)

Hi Peter, Yes, we are in Salt Spring Island, having moved here from Calgary in '99 permanently.  We are STILL building...this is the SSI norm.  Volunteering in many areas fills my days, as I retired when we moved here.  My husband retired last year, but works on an emeritus basis in Vancouver every 2 weeks or so.  We have a small condo there.  I only keep in touch with Penny Stacey (Cavers), but look forward to meeting many old friends. ......... 

I am assuming the reunion is the May long weekend, and although I will be in Vancouver, I have another conference at UBC to attend at that time.  When I get the schedule for that, I will attempt to free up the evening of the dinner as I would love to meet and greet with old friends.  Thanks for taking on the reunion.  Cheers, Melynda Okulitch (Smith)


From Peter Fraser (07Dec06)

Hi Peter.  Thanks for taking the time to do all this.  I will be there and am looking forward to it.  Best regards, Peter Fraser


From Dave MacPhail ( 5Jan07)

Greetings from the Sunshine Coast. Liz (Metzner) Booth told me that you are planning another reunion for this May.
After almost 35 years in Whistler I retired from my position as the Manager of Building Inspections for the municipality in March of 2005 and my wife and I moved to Sechelt. Although I found out about 2 years  ago I have type II diabetes I am managing it very well. I am very fit and active for someone my age. So life is good.

I was going through some of my old photos last night and came across the negatives for the photos I took at the 1986 reunion. If you would like I can have them digitized and post them on a site on the web. I haven't  subscribed to Classmates yet. I might sign up for a few months to find out what is happening with everyone.

I am keen to come to the reunion. But at the same time I think it may be  sobering to see how some have aged and others are no longer with us.

Hope you are well.
Best regards,


From John Dear (5Jan07)

Sounds like fun, will try to organize a holiday to be there at the same time. I'll order a ticket when our plans start to shape up.
Haven't been in Vancouver since my mom passed away on September 11th 2001, so we're way overdue for a visit to the North Shore, where I still have two sisters.
 It's hard to believe that 45 years have gone by already. Cheers from the south shore of sunny Montréal  (9.5 degrees on January 5th) !