List of Who attended our May 19/07 re-union event:

Carol Anderson (Tande) with George
Marna Bennett (Disbrow)
Ross Bock with Jane
John Bogunovic
Dorothy Broadhurst (Pollhammer) with Gottfried
Marg Burns  (Caplette)
Kay Carmichael (de Leeuw)
Barb Carlsen (Fousek)
Rod Chestney with Ruth
John Cruikshank with Jean
Penny Davey (Rheault)
John Dear
Mary Deppiesse (MacFie) with Dave
Moira Doig
Ron Dunsmore
Sandra  Dyer (Lightfoot) with Bill
Bill Earland
Bob Evernden
Peter Fraser with Lynne
Diane Gardiner (Tikhane) with Ted
Marilyn Garriock (Bullock) with Norm
Angus Gillard with Maureen
Jim Gillette with Arlene
Doug Hargrove
Jim Hentschel
Val Johnson with Jene
Norah Johnstone (Nicholson) with Lorne
Bill Lightfoot with Sandra
Dan London
Wendy Lucking (McCallion)
Dave MacFie with Mary
Diane Majer
Sherry March (Agar) with Bob
Leagh Martell
Donna McAlister (Edwards)
Deane McConnell
Sharone McDonald (Elizabeth)
Shirley McDonald (Henderson)
Carol Mead
Sandra Melton (Mellish)
Liz Metzner (Booth) with Wayne
Bill Mitchell
Lorne Nicholson with Norah
Eva Nygaard (Saxton)
Tom Oakley
Virginia Obalek (Prowal)
Carol Osmond (Kilner)
Bob Paul with Ann
Peter Pollhammer with Faye
Susan Proctor
Pat Scobie (Bond) with Gary
David Shirley with Shirley
Ward Silverton
Melynda Smith (Okulitch)
Bob Steel with Lynne
Terry Sumner
Peter Triance with Val
Judy Walchuk (Ginn)
Barb Watson (Stirskey) with Bob
Jean Wickland (Meyer)
Bob Wiekenkamp
Bob Wilson with Judy
Dave Wiseman